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Home: The Gift That Keeps On Giving
October 28, 2008, 6:54 pm
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Rock Your Style
The holidays crack me up. It’s when you find out if the subtle hints you’ve given your spouse all year have paid off.  Mine is always home related!

Many of our clients agree and tell us that they are tired of the holiday morning present rip-a-palooza and want to do something that lasts a bit longer – something for their homes that last all year and many years to come. If you think about it, you end up spending just as much on several gifts under the tree as you would a fabulous space remodel.  Here are some ideas to get your gift giving/space enhancement mojo going in advance:

A Sweet Master Suite. This room is often the last room in the house to get a make over.  You’ve made-do long enough. You’ve been concentrating on your careers and your kids. Never really devoting the time to making your master suite the sanctuary you long for. If you’re looking for a restful retreat to unwind for some kid-free downtime (or hide from Rock Band), this space improvement “gift” could be just the ticket.  Pretend you’re in a relaxing hotel with new cool yet comfy bedding and accents. Paint the walls to make it uniquely yours and add black-out window treatments so that you can sleep in on the weekends. This is a gift for your marriage and your sanity.

Master of your Domain or at least your Bathroom. Sometimes all that you want at the end of a stressful day is a long soak in the tub or a steamy shower.  But, if you’re looking around the bathroom thinking about the dated wallpaper and bright brass plumbing fixtures, it’s hard to relax. If you’re having a hard time talking your spouse in to a total bathroom makeover, then adding it to your holiday priority list is a must.

A Total Bonus!  Do you have a space that’s calling out for a purpose? Perfecto. What a great gift!!  Do you love a great work-out but hate going to the gym? A home-based exercise room would be a nice “bonus” for the holidays.  Does your family crave a media room or would you love a study lounge for the kids?  Adding a space that is unique to the needs of your family is a great gift.  Craft rooms, music rooms, libraries, and home offices are a great use of unfinished space in your home. Put a big bow on top and make it yours.

Big Impact. Sometimes little gestures make big impact. Surprise your family with a new family “wall of fame”.  Showcase favorite vacation treasures mixed with family pictures. Encourage your budding artist with their framed art pieces.  Show your future Heismann winner you care with black and white action shots.  It’s a gift that says I’m totally proud of you!

Let’s face it, holiday gift giving can be daunting.  Make it easy. If you’re ready to hear “oooh’s” and “ahhhh’s” for your holiday hand-outs, then make them memorable. You may not get to yell “move that bus!”  after your Extreme Home makeover but you will feel the glow from a well thought out holiday surprise. Put some reflection in to how you live in your home and how to make it even better for your family. You and your loved ones will enjoy a lifetime of memories in a home that reflects your family’s unique style, and personality. (hint, hint Bob!)

Look what we found! Our Thrill of the week

String that BLING

Ok pull out your sparkle fingers and get ready to be Wowed! We Love strings of bling because they adds just the right sparkle wherever it goes.  We hang these jewelry-like strands on candlesticks, vases and picture frames.  They are great for holiday décor too!  Who doesn’t like bling?  And even better when it’s on a string.

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