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Get Ready for “Prime Time”
June 26, 2009, 10:38 am
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Have you ever been in a home that feels sooo 10 years ago?  I see many homes that just need a nudge (or giant push) getting out of their time warp.  I feel like the Wonder Woman of design when I get a house like this. 

Staying current is especially important if you are thinking about selling your home.  Every home has wear and tear, but some are just not ready for “Prime Time”.  If you’re getting ready to sell your love shack, you should know the competition is stiff.  (I hear the Rocky theme running through my head)  

Baldwin kitchen before_0003Buyers, especially these days, are looking for homes that have “move-in” ready appeal.  Most people don’t get excited about the prospect of moving to a new home and then undertaking the remodeling process. Who wants to move and then re-do?

For your home to pass muster you should plan on some updating to get it ready to beat the opposition.  “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!”, she screams.Viola!

We repainted all of the walls in the home to give it a fresh start.  The furniture was rearranged for a sense of openness and clutter packed away.  All hardware, door knobs and lighting were updated. This home is now ready to go toe to toe with new homes and WOW potential buyers.Baldwin Living room after

I can take a huge sigh of relief that another home has been saved!

(… my cape billows in the wind)Baldwin breakfast nook after







To see a virtual tour of this staged home go to :


Now You See it, Now You Don’t!
June 4, 2009, 6:53 am
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This murphy bed looks like an armoire but folds down to a full-size bed.  It also has a desk pull-out.

This murphy bed looks like an armoire but folds down to a full-size bed. It also has a desk pull-out.

Have you ever had THAT room that is a part-time guest room but also part-time “just for me space?”  The bed always gets in the way of this love triangle.  How can you possibly spread out and follow your artistic dreams with the bed in the way??  But, where will Nana sleep when she visits? OyVey!

I’ve got you covered!  Murphy beds are a great space-saver.  They help rooms serve double duty.  They fold up so that you can enjoy that extra space in your home and fold down when company is coming.

Murphy beds are also super cool for kids’ rooms. Check out the room below. By day it’s a basketball court and by night a bedroom.  Think 007 but sporty!

Cheap Thrills Decor Summy House 54

They can be twin, full or queen and the facade can resemble an armoire, lockers or wall art. Take your part-time rooms to full-time hip with a Murphy bed.