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Bathing By Candlelight
March 18, 2010, 7:32 pm
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A gorgeous spa bathroom is a must-have when you are a mom of a toddler!  Nothing says AHHH like a hot bath and glass of wine.   And,  “AHHH” is exactly what we gave the Hortons this month when we did a major overhaul on their bathroom.

Custom vanities, flooring, lighting and wall finishes make this bathroom a great retreat

We took the bathroom down to the studs and started over with a new tub and shower area, custom cabinetry, unique tile work and creative metallic wall finishes.

The bathroom has a chic spa-like vibe and a lock on the door — what else do you need??


My Turn
December 30, 2009, 1:39 pm
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Designers are definitely the cobbler’s kids.  We beautify the world but when it comes to our own spaces there is not much left in the creative savings account.  This year I hired myself to makeover a few rooms.

I started with the dining room. I have to come clean, we NEVER use this space.  I designed a curvy custom booth in metallic blue green leather and nail head detailing to give it a trendy restaurant appeal.  The walls were painted aqua and then given a bronze metallic glaze for depth.  I stamped the walls and added some bling for effect. I love how it turned out and we have actually starting using it more.

 Our formal living room has become a library/music room.  At any given time there is someone reading on the couch while another is trying to form the new Jonas Brothers.  Amps and guitars usually fill the space.  I wanted this room to have a whimsical feel while also giving a nod to the library aspect.  I went with a tree and poem wall that I think rocks the space.  This Robert Frost poem has always been a favorite and it now serves as a reminder to take the road less traveled (I have definitely always taken the scenic route). 

Master Bedrooms are always last on most of my client’s design to do lists. I definitely advise against this.  But, I’m a “do as I say and not as I do” kind of gal.  The master suite was not really on my radar for this project go-round.  But, it somehow made the cut.  We painted the walls a pewter metallic with a putty swirl design.  We added pops of orange with the vintage sofa, bedding and art. 

 Creative people need creative spaces.  For my office, we went with a large stripe on the walls with a dark aqua and candle light metallic paint combination.  The desk was made from my dads old workshop table (I love this touch).  I finally got a chandelier in my office along with all of my favorite books and pictures surrounding me.  No excuses now…I better get the design whip crackin!

I finally got my turn!!!!!  And, I would definitely recommend my designer…she was great!

Wash Away the Blahs
September 30, 2009, 5:42 pm
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Who says that laundry rooms has to be boring??  The land of the lost socks and stinky football gear (at least in my house!) needs love too.  If you dread this room like the Swine Flu then your clothes aren’t the only thing that needs s fresh start.  Wash that blah right out of your room!!

Start with the walls.   Unless you plan to entertain in your laundry room then casual, whimsical and fun is the direction.  Pick a color that makes your smile for the walls.  Neutrals are not allowed.  You can also go with a pattern, wallpaper or chalk paint.  The key is to make this a room that you love to be in.IMG_1008

Hang things on the walls that make you happy.  Ornate frames with children’s art tacked inside are great for laundry rooms.  I love the picture my daughter drew of us riding giraffes.  It’s hard not to smile while riding a giraffe.  I also like the idea of vacation pictures, childhood black and white pictures or even framed book pages from your favorite novel.

Make sure there is a place for everything.  I am definitely not the most organized person, but I love baskets and bins — they make me FEEL like I am sorting my life out.

Clean up your act – and while you’re at it give your self some scenery while airing your dirty laundry.

I LOVE Camp!!
July 25, 2009, 1:39 pm
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 It’s July. Woo Hoo.  Break out the slip and slide and the popsicles.
It’s also time for camp for many kids and you know what that means?  Surprise projects.  Every year we get a couple “Camp Makeovers”.  These amazing parents think, “while the kids are away, the parents will play…in their room!” 
This year, Harrison’s mom called to say he needed some updating.  This cool teen wanted a more rocking vibes for his space and mom wanted to deliver while he was at band camp. Where tos start??  The ceiling!! We painted his ceiling a flashy silver metallic and then painted dueling electric guitars with flames (nothing says rock star like flames). 
 Dueling Guitars

We painted his existing loft bed black (dad made it) and made a bench with cubby storage below. We will call this “Jam Central”.  We also added a custom corner desk. We had custom graphic bedding made.  I love it because it has flaming guitars and CDs.  We used his existing guitar collection as décor.  The coolest touch to this room is the canvas we made as a special tribute to his band.  His band is called “Emergency Release” and they got that name while riding the bus home from school (can’t you just picture them saying, “What should we call the band?” ….and then seeing the sign at the back of the bus and saying , “Emergency Release”

 IMG_0694Custom Corner Desk

The room turned out totally rad and as a bonus we added some special touches to his sister’s room too!

 Delaney's room

Get Ready for “Prime Time”
June 26, 2009, 10:38 am
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Have you ever been in a home that feels sooo 10 years ago?  I see many homes that just need a nudge (or giant push) getting out of their time warp.  I feel like the Wonder Woman of design when I get a house like this. 

Staying current is especially important if you are thinking about selling your home.  Every home has wear and tear, but some are just not ready for “Prime Time”.  If you’re getting ready to sell your love shack, you should know the competition is stiff.  (I hear the Rocky theme running through my head)  

Baldwin kitchen before_0003Buyers, especially these days, are looking for homes that have “move-in” ready appeal.  Most people don’t get excited about the prospect of moving to a new home and then undertaking the remodeling process. Who wants to move and then re-do?

For your home to pass muster you should plan on some updating to get it ready to beat the opposition.  “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!”, she screams.Viola!

We repainted all of the walls in the home to give it a fresh start.  The furniture was rearranged for a sense of openness and clutter packed away.  All hardware, door knobs and lighting were updated. This home is now ready to go toe to toe with new homes and WOW potential buyers.Baldwin Living room after

I can take a huge sigh of relief that another home has been saved!

(… my cape billows in the wind)Baldwin breakfast nook after







To see a virtual tour of this staged home go to :

Shuttered In!
February 9, 2009, 10:55 pm
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No  Kidding



This room needed a serious time out for transformation.  It went from cluttered playroom to a cool media room.  The custom arches and shutters allow complete privacy from other rooms while also giving the space a hip factor.  We added a snack bar for even more functionality….Who wants popcorn?



"snack bar"

"snack bar"

Everything OLD is NEW Again!
September 6, 2008, 9:56 am
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Everything old is new again!

Breathe new life in to a vintage couch or chair.  Create a hip vibe in your living room or study lounge using a found piece. Paint the frame, add some fabulous new fabrics and VIOLA!  Just think how amazingly chic you will feel opening your mail on a rad refurbished settee. You will have cool character galore plus the piece may just have a naughty past to boot!  (maybe it will rub off)!